Expressing Annoyance and Anger

English Admin – How to speak English fluently. Today we learn about some useful phrase used to express annoyance and anger. This situation ca be happen when you see things which you can not tolerate. This topic of speaking is very functional as it often happens daily.

To practice speaking English in this situation, you can  use some expression below. How to express annoyance and anger in English? Here is a list of words and phrase used to express anger or displeased and annoyance:
I’m very annoyed …
Oh dear…/Oh No!
What a nuisance!
This really makes me cross/angry.
It annoys me.
It isn’t very nice/ pleasant.
I really hate him!
Oh, hell, No!
Oh damn!
Oh no, what’s next?
She makes me mad.
He really makes me see red.
What an idiot!
I can’t stand it anymore.
I’m fed up with it.
That’s the last straw.
Why the hell didn’t he stop calling me..?
I’ve had just about enough of this condition.
This is extremely irritating
I can’t say I’m at all pleased …
I’m extremely displeased/angry/unhappy.
I must say I reject to I will not pull up with
I take great exception to …

For more detail lesson about expressing annoyance and anger, you can read my posts consist short short dialogs below!
dialog expressing annoyance

This expression of annoyance and anger is summarized from Function in English by John Blundell, 1992: 50, taken from:

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