Firefighter Run Over By Firetruck: Example of News Item Text with Generic Structure

English Admin learning English through the news. What news we learn today? It is about the firefighter. Do you know what profession it is? IF you want to know a lot of vocabulary about job, you can read the collection of profession name in English.

Today we have a post of news item sample. Do you still remember what is the definition of news item text? A text with newsworthy event of the day is called a news item text. This text is often found in news paper, magazine, etc.

The following example of news item text is very weird. How did it come? A firefighter was run over by his own fire engine. Further, he was in bear costume when the fire truck run over him. Let’s see the text below!
News item Text: Firefighter in Bear Dress Run Over by Fire Engine
A firefighter dressed as a bear was run over by a firetruck Saturday during a family-friendly festival in the

Torrington Carnival is a parade and festival held each May in Torrington. Justin Matthews, the firefighter, was walking in front of a fire engine during a parade at the Torrington Carnival when he reportedly became tangled in the vehicle’s wheel, causing him to suffer a broken leg.

Graham Rook, the fire station manager, told the North Devon Journal. “Somehow or another he got caught up with the front wheel of the appliance in the carnival.”

Well, do you know why the short text is best as example of news item text? Any news item text should have elements of Newsworthy event, Background event, and Source. Before we are going to go further, let’s see the translation of that sample in case some of you find difficult vocabularies of the text