Example of News Item Text: Biggest Python Captured

Again this post is for the example of news item text. As we all know that a text which brings to public about the daily news is called news item. It is one of the other types of text which students of high schools should learn in English. Remember that not all recording events which happen daily can be labelled as news item as it requires newsworthy event as its generic structure. Take a look on the following example!

The Biggest Burmese Python Captured in Florida
A Burmese python which had 18-foot  in length and 128-pound in weight  was pull out of roadside brush and wrestled by a man. He just needed 10 minutes to do that.

The python became the biggest one which was ever captured in Florida. It beat the previous specimen which was recorded by more than a foot in length. The man who capture the snake was called Python Dundee. His name is Jason Leon. He is a college student of marine biology. In that time, he was riding ATVs with his friends in a rural area when one of them saw snake sticking out of some brush. He got thanks from the the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. It has considered Burmese pythons an invasive species which wreaked havoc on the state’s ecosystem.

Carli Segelson, a commission spokeswoman said that a snake of that size could kill a very large animal such as deer.

What is its generic structure?
Here is the analysis. Each news item should include thee elements in structuring the paragraphs. They are:
1. Newsworthy event: The biggest python was captured in Florida
2. Background events: The snake was bigger than the previous python captured by an man who was riding and see it. The got thanks from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
3. Source: The statement from a commission spokeswoman can be a source of this news item text

That is the today news item sample brought to you by English Admin. Next, there will be another sample of this kinds of text so keep smile in learning English text types.
Note: Original text are adapted and arranged from http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/20/18379842-man-kills-biggest-burmese-python-ever-in-florida?lite

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