Reading Example of Hortatory Text: Higher Education for Woman

The easiest way to understand a hortatory exposition text. When we recognize three levels in essay writing intense; descriptive, argumentative and persuasive, then we have to include the hortatory in the persuasive essay. Its purpose is to persuade the reader to follow the writer’s act and opinion, point forward that certain thing should or should not be done.

Hortatory is similar to analytical exposition but if we have to differentiate both from one to each other, we have one useful tool by making analysis on the generic structure. What makes hortatory different from analytical exposition is the last finalizing step which analytical exposition is ended by a reiteration while hortatory is finalized by certain a recommendation. The generic structure is as follow:

1. Thesis; thesis is similar to tentative conclusion which needs to be proven by certain fact and argument. In the end, it can be true or false
2. Arguments; this is the phase which try to examine and support that the thesis stated above is true.
3. Recommendation; this is what should or should not be done in the hortatory text. This recommendation is differentiating from analytical exposition.

Now we will see the following example of hortatory text

Higher Education for Woman
In this modern era, there are still some parents who are reluctant about sending their daughter to college. Such narrow attitude shown to woman higher education is largely due to the traditional role of woman in society. A woman is expected just to be a wife and a mother most parents believe that if their daughter gets married and chooses to be a housewife, then the higher education will be a waste. However an educated woman does not only make a better wife but also contribute  better thing to the large society.

Nowadays more women are successfully combining their career and marriage. Educated women are richer both emotionally and financially. They are able to find an outlet for monotonous drudgery of their housekeeping. They bring more satisfaction and contentment to their lives.

Depriving girl of higher education is crash discrimination. Time has changed. Modern society need the talents of its people regardless of gender. Today women work alongside men. In fact, in the last few decades women have made outstanding contributions to society.

Woman should be given the freedom to be educated whether they get married or go to work after finishing their education because it is only through education that a woman will find herself useful and discover what she wants in life. A woman who work is not an insult to her husband. Conversely, her husband should feel proud of her achievement since marriage is actually an equal partnership. Therefore, parents should not think that girls should receive less education just because they will get marriage one day.

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