Example of Explanation Text with Generic Structure: Flying Kites

This is a text which shows you how a stuff like a kite can fly. The description on such process in writing types is called explanation text. There are several English text types especially for students of high school to learn and explanation text in one of them.

How a kite flies is best at giving example of Explanation text. This kind of text is composed to make clear explanation on how something is processed and why the thing is formed. Explanation text is one of the text types which is similar to Procedure. What makes superficially different is the way how they are structured.

In one side, Explanation text is structure in the mode of description. It focuses on the thing which is explained. In the other side, Procedure text is constructed in the mode of instruction and commend. That is why Procedure is sometimes called instruction text. It focuses on the second person to explain how to form the thing.

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