Stoner wins Catalunya Grand Prix – News Item Example

This news item example about racing sport is given with generic structure to make better understanding on English text genres. As we have discussed previously in many articles, a news item is organized through a pattern of schematic structure as follow

1. Newsworthy event: What, who, where and when the event takes a place
Casey Stoner won the Catalunya Grand Prix on Sunday

2. Background events: This is a series of event which provide a wider information on the main event stated in the first paragraph.
The 2007 world champion overtook Jorge Lorenzo on the first lap.
Lorenzo was second, 2.403 seconds behind.
Ben Spies came in third for his first podium of the season.

3. Source: How the writer validates the news is given in the end of the paragraph.
Stoner said: “Jorge got off to a good start and I had to wait until the end of the first lap…”

News item texts are often found in news paper, magazine radio news and others. News item tells the newsworthy event of the day. I have posted some news items samples and this is another one. Hopefully it helps students to get a better understanding on what and how a news item text is. Now take a look on the following short sample!

Stoner wins Catalunya Gand Prix – News Item Text With Generic Structure

news item text about racing sport news
Sport news about racing – best example of news item text

Casey Stoner won the Catalunya Grand Prix on Sunday for his third victory in the MotoGP championship this season.