Short Example of Review Text: Opera Mini Phone Browser

English Admin now learning an example of review text. What we are talking about today is a mobile browser, Opera Mini. This is a very famous phone browser to surf Internet.

generic structure of review text about opera mini

Generic structure of review text about Opera Mini for surfing Internet through phones

What we are going to discuss is how  a review text in English genres is structured? To see that we can read what is review  which state the elements for structuring a review text.Now we read short sample below!
Opera Mini Phone Web Browser
Opera has officially launched the best phone web browser worldwidely. I’ve been using it since last summer.

Here are the things that separate Opera Mini out from other applications. Opera Mini is small and easy to download and install. Beside that Opera has made the process simple by providing direct access to download, no registration or multiple page view needed. Opera Mini’s speed of downloading is incredible. It makes GPRS seem a lot faster. It compresses and down-sizes of picture on the server but not every web page will looks perfect. The header image on my blog doesn’t show up.

I think Opera has done an amazing job. I expect huge things from this. I bet you could easily base a new web-based business around this browser. Opera Mini is just about the best browser I’ve ever seen on mobile phone.
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Generic Structure Analysis
Now we understand why that short writing is labeled an example of review text and not the other types. Let’s discus the structure
1. Introduction; the best browser on mobile phone has been launched by Opera.
2. Evaluation; Opera Mini is easy to download, has an incredible speed but image of the page isn’t perfect.
3. Interpretation; I think Opera has done an amazing job. A new web-based business could be easily based around this browser.
4. Summary; Opera is the best browser on mobile phone.

Language Feature Analysis
Besides the structure, learning review text for English comprehension is gained through the understanding on the language feature. Here it is:
1. Focusing on certain participant; I
2. Using evaluative adjective; best, perfect, easy, etc

That is our example of review text about opera mini for browsing Internet with smart phone. Happy learning English.

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