Example of Procedure Text – How to Iron Shirt

Learning English texts now is about instructional documents. When you buy new things, you will notice a “how to..” manual guide coming with the products. Read carefully before you do the with the thing you have bought. If you read carefully, you will understand why the sentences are written in imperative mode.

How to make some thing completely is the best text as an example of procedure text. A procedure is an instruction to do something. Below is another example of procedure text in pressing a shirt.

How to Iron a Shirt

procedure text how to iron shirt

An ironing shirt SOP as example of procedure text in English

What you need to press a shirt are iron board, iron cover, iron, hanger, needle, thread, splint, button, handkerchief, sprayer, and dry-mat foot

The Steps of Pressing Shirt
1. Use protector for safety
2. Plug in the electricity
3. Choose the suitable temperature for the clothes material
4. Make wet the 100% cotton clothes if it is necessary
5. Start to iron the shirt from the collar, sleeve then body
6. Iron by following line if there is a fold
7. After completely done, hang the shirt
8. Check the result and do it again if it is necessary
9. After completely ironing, put back the equipment and chemicals
10. And don’t forget, clean working area

Well, it is clear enough to identified. Why the text above is classified as procedure is by seeing the generic structure. Mostly, procedure texts are composed in three main elements. They are:

  • Paragraph of goal statement: Commonly it is stated in the tittle of the text.
  • ¬†Paragraph of materials needed: Remember, not all procedure texts are provided with the materials. It is optional in the way of writing the instructional documents
  • paragraph of steps instructed: Absolutely important to follow one step to others to get the goal is achieved.

Well, you can see that a procedure text is not difficult to understand. However this instructional text is often written with very specific technical terms. Unluckily, many student do not know the terms. Happy learning English.

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