Example of Procedure Text: How to Install SIM Card to Cellphone

English Admin – Again we are learning about a procedure text. according to me this kind of text is the simplest text among others. Becoming an useful instruction is the main goal to write a procedure text.

Because it is written to make an instruction. A procedure text is often and mostly written in imperative sentences. Most student should understand what and how to make imperative sentence. If understanding the imperative sentence is in student’s mind, then making reading, and understanding any procedure texts is not difficult.

Most texts written with certain language feature. Besides the imperative mode, a procedure text is often use connective word such as; then, after, before, first, second, third, etc. What we have to know next is the generic structure. The way a writer arrange his paragraphs into meaningful text package is what we know as generic structure. The elements are:

  • Stating the Goal: The instruction on installing SIM card to cellphone
  • Providing Materials: Some text do not need to state the materials
  • Explaining Steps: The stage which readers should follow to make the goal comes true.

Now we see the following example of simple procedure text in English. Again, reading this kind of writing is understanding imperative sentences. Here you are

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