Contoh Discussion Text – What Shlould Do After High School –

Contoh discussion text bahasa Inggris ini tenga pro dan contra apa yang harus dikerjakan setelah luus sekolah SMA. Banyak yang bilang habis luslus SMA harus melanjutkan ke perguruan tinggi agar mendapat pelajaran tinggi lanjut yang mumpuni. Meski begitu ada juga yang bependapat bahawa setelah lulus SMA seharusnya ambil pekerjaan agar pengalamn makin bayak dan nyata.

Teks discussion bahasa Inggris akan berupaya memberikan paparan yang seimbang tentng suatuh kasus. kesimbangan itu diwujudkan dengan mengakomodasi dua susut panjadng yang berbeda yaitu manfaat dan kerugian, advantages dan disadvantages. Untuk lebih jelasnya lehat contoh berikut

What Should Do after High School?

contoh discussion text what shlould do after high school
2 pendapat yang harusnya dilakukan ketika sudah lulus SMA dipaparkan dengan seimbang sebagai contoh discussion text bahasa Inggris

Going to college or getting a job right after graduating high school is the common choices of teens will likely face. Some likely choose to continue studying at college or university but the others try to find job. Here are the reasons.

Why is it so important for student to continue on to post-secondary education; university or college? The reason is that post-secondary education will allow them to get the skills and tools that they will need to help them prepare for a good career. It has been said that the more education they have the more careers will be open for them to choose from. Employers today will tend to be more open to a person with the more education.

However some of them choose to get job right after high school. They believe that education is critical but college is not. In fact, there are numerous careers, such as in healthcare, technology, operations, transportation, and the building trades, that do not require a four-year degree from college or university. Furthermore, as they advance in these careers, there is also nothing stopping them from pursing a college degree at a later age.