Example of Short Conversation: Asking for and Giving Direction in English

English Admin – How to ask and give direction in English. When you are learning to speak English, Asking and giving direction is one topic you should cover. Some phrases below are the most common expression for asking and giving direction in English.

English language is practical and used as functional communication in daily activities. Asking direction is one of the expression which is very functional, especially for stranger in a strange country. When you are asked about the direction. For some vocabularies used , you can see below post

Be aware of some useful English expressions vocabulary for asking directions in English. Study how to ask for and give direction in English bellow.

Asking for directions in English
How do I get to your office?
Can you tell me the best way of getting to your office?
What’s the quickest way of getting to your office?
Where are you exactly?

Giving directions in English
Come off the motorway / highway at Junction / Exit 12.
It’s signposted ‘Manchester’.
Follow the signs to …
There’s a one-way system in the centre of town.
Take the ‘A12’ to ‘Chelmsford’.
Go straight on / left / right at the lights / at the roundabout /at the junction of … and …
Go past the supermarket.
You’ll come to / see …
It’s the first turning on the right after the bank.
You’ll see a large sign / roundabout.
On your left you’ll see an industrial centre / a hospital / the police station.
Just after the level crossing / shopping centre (or mall).
Go past the petrol station / the garage.