Example of Descriptive Text about Person with Generic Structure: Cleopatra

Understanding a descriptive text necessarily needs timeless tenses but for the example of descriptive text about Cleopatra is special. Because it relates to historical event, readers should understand past tenses well.

Describing essays are written to show how a thing of a person  looks  like. This type of writing then bring us two genres. They are report text and descriptive text. Today we are giving you an example of descriptive text about a famous person. See the sample below!


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Generic structure of descriptive text about person, Cleopatra

One of the most famous women in world history was Cleopatra VII. She was the brilliant and beautiful last Pharaoh of Egypt. Historically, she became queen of Egypt in 51 B.C. at the age of eighteen. She was a Ptolemy, descended from one of Alexander the Great’s generals. When she was twenty-one, Julius Caesar became her lover. Seven years later she met Antony. The romantic tragic relationship continued until they died by suicide in 30 B.C.

Cleopatra was legendary. She was famous not only for her breathtaking beauty but also for her great intellect. She had brown eyes and they were shaped like cat eyes. Her skin was in fact an olive shade, darker than Hollywood actress Liz Taylor who potrayed her in the film ‘Cleopatra’ in 1963. She had medium dark brown hair, about to the middle of her shoulder blades. She had a reputation as an extraordinarily sensuous woman.

Cleopatra was a woman of remarkable poise and unusual intelligence. She was highly educated. She spoke proficiently in nine languages and also skilled in mathematics. She is often considered to be a stunning seductress though she was studying to be a nun. Cleopatra was a very intelligent queen and a politician with a great charisma.

Note: The story of Antony and Cleopatra involved true characters and later was dramatized by William Shakespeare. This example of descriptive text depicthing what Cleopara looks likes is arranged from enote.com, theholidayspot.com, and current.com

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text about Cleopatra
A descriptive text sometimes makes many students confused. It is not easily to be distinguished from report text. Again if you want to know the differences, see the clear differences between report and descriptive text.Most descriptive texts are arranged in structure as follow:
1. Paragraph of identification: It contains the identification of matter which will be described.
From the text, we can see that the general topic is a famous historical person, Cleopatra

2. Paragraph of descriptions: It contains the explanation or description of the thing or person to mention a few properties.
After mentioning the topic text, then the detail explanation about it is given. Second paragraph is about Cleopatra’s physical appearance. She was beautiful. She had medium dark brown hair. The third paragraph is about the quality. Cleopatra was described as unusual intelligence. She was highly educated. She spoke proficiently in nine languages and also skilled in mathematics

That’s all the example of descriptive text about person, Cleopatra. Again readers need understand well about past tenses as this text concerns to a person who lived in the past decade. Happy learning English.