My Cat: Best Example of Descriptive Text about Animal with Generic Structure

English Admin for Learning English text types. Today we are learning an example of descriptive text about animal, my cat. Are you high school students? Suppose you are. You must learn English text in descriptive genre. What is a descriptive text? I think it is important to recall before we go further about this example of descriptive text. The way descriptive text composed is similar to report text.

Both texts try more to show less than tell. However descriptive text tends to specify the described object while report text will describe the object in general. The goal of the descriptive text is transferring the experience of the writers. The experience can be what they see, read, or feel. Descriptive text commonly tries to reveal the image of certain person, place, animal, or thing.

Bellow is the best example of descriptive text I find. This descriptive passage which focuses on the cat’s habit and less physical appearance is written by Barbara Carter. Read the sample bellow, you will see the clear understanding about descriptive text.

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