Example of Anecdote Text: From Bankrupt Candle to Best Seller Soap

Anecdote text is very similar to narrative, recount, and news item. They are all kinds of text which functionally retell a story, or inform readers about a event. However they are structured though their own generic elements. To know an anecdote is arranged, see the following story sample!

From Bankrupt Candle to Best Seller Soap
In 1879, William and James’ best seller was candles. They had begun business together in Cincinnati. While they were in peak of popularity, the candle company was in trouble as Thomas Edison had invented the light bulb. It looked as if their candle product would become obsolete. People would like to use light bulb and would not use candle anymore.

The fears became reality when the market for candles plummeted since the candle product were now sold only for special occasions. The outlook of candle company appeared to be bleak and depressing for William and James. The situation was more miserable. Several months later the accident occurred. Without thinking one of the employee left to go to lunch and forgot to turn off the machine. Since the machinery was left in operation, air would work its way into the mixture.

However after discussing with his supervisor, the employee decided not to discard the mixture. Instead, he poured the mixture into frames and the soap hardened. Thus, the floating soap was born. He decided to give the soap a name that people could remember. Then the soap was named IVORY. This ivory soap became the mainstay of the William and James Company.