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Example of Descriptive Text about Place with Generic Structure – Jakarta

This is a very short example of descriptive text about place. To make it easier to be understood, this sample is is also provided with generic structure. Today we have the descriptive written about the famous city, Jakarta. Though the description is very short but it is clearly seen as to show a specific place, how Jakarta looks like. It maybe, some of you consider the the sample below is much closer to report text. However due to it specific topic, the text about Jakarta is categorized as descriptive text. He it is.

Jakarta, The city of Indonesia

example of descriptive text about place

How Jakarta looks like – Example of descriptive text

Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java Island, at the mouth of the Ciliwung river. It dominates Indonesian’s administrative, economy, cultural activities, and is a major commercial and transportation hub within Asia.
The climate is hot and humid. Rainfall occurs throughout the year. The heaviest rainfall is from November to May. The city lies on a flat, low plain and is likely to be affected by flood during period of heavy rainfall.

The text above is very short, isn’t it? But it can be analyzed the generic structure. Every descriptive text must be arranged into structure below.
1. Identification: It contents the thing which is being described such as perso, animal, place, etc. In the text about we can see clearly the identification i city of Jakarta
Jakarta, The city of Indonesia
2. Description: How the thing is described in parts, characters, value, usage and so on. We can see description of location of Jakarta, Jakarta’s role as administrative city, Jakarta’s climate, Jakarta is often flooded. Below is the detail.
a. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java Island
b. Jakarta dominates Indonesian’s administrative….
c. The climate is hot and humid.
d. It is likely to be affected by flood

Now let’s see how well you understand the short text above. Please try to choose the best answer of the following question. The question is just sample and is typically like it.
Why is Jakarta at risk of flooding?
A. It lies on high land.
B. It is densely populated.
C. It lies on a flat low plain area.
D. The climate is hot and humid.
E. It is at the mouth of the Ciliwung River.

In short, a descriptive text will describe a particular thing, place, or someone. A descriptive text is structured with general identification and followed by detail description. In Identification paragraph, descriptive text will explore to answer the question of who, what when and where. The detail description will include a description to answer how it looks, where it is sees, what it does, and what it make it special. So happy learning descriptive text.