Example of Procedure Text How to Make Fried Rice Easily

Have you noticed some written texts in pack of food, such instant noodle? There is a how to cook text. Such instruction is called a procedure text in English genres. Today we give you a very short example of procedure text how to make fried rice. The focus isĀ  not to cook but how we understand a procedure text is composed. Now let’s see the following short instruction of cooking recipe.

How to Make Fried Rice Easily in Six Steps

procedure text how to make fried rice
Fried rice is very delicious. It is easy to cook. The instructions how to make fried rice is a procedure text example

This is a simple cooking recipe. How to make friend rice in six steps, a very simple procedure. What you need to do is just 6 steps completely and easily to accomplish.
What ingredient you need to have?
1. Rice.
2. Vegetables
3. Meat
4. Egg
5. Sauce

How to make fried rice in six steps easily? Follow the instruction below!
First of all, preheat the largest pan you have
Secondly, add the vegetables
Thirdly, add the cooked meat, and cook it for a minute or so to let it crisp up.
Fourthly, move all the ingredients to one side of the wok.
Fifthly, add the rice, stirring and tossing between each addition. Add a few tablespoons of your chosen sauce
Finally the sixth step, stir everything swiftly around the pan

This cooking recipe how to make fried rice is given to show how a procedure text is organized. This very short instructional cooking recipe text is simplified from theweek.com. If you think that the explanation is too short you can see the link give for clearer instruction in making fried rice.