Example of Spoof Funny Story with Generic Structure – What Time is It?

This is a very funny story as an example of spoof text. The story is completed with generic structure to learn how its plot is arranged. Spoof text is funny, isn’t it? A funny story can be a spoof or not. Reading a spoof text can be very interesting as it has an unpredictable plot of the story.

There will be a tricky “arrangement”. As we build understanding of the plot to certain condition, a spoof text will be ended with a special contradictory ending. Bellow is another example of spoof text.
What Time is It? Example of Spoof Text

spoof text funny story ask time
Watch to ask the time – spoof story with generic structure

A tramp lie down and sleep in the park. He had been sleeping for about 5 minutes when a couple walked by. The man stopped, woke the tramp up , and asked him, “Excuse me.
Do you know what the time is?” The tramp replied, “I’m sorry – I don’t have a watch, so I don’t know the time.”
The man apologized for waking the tramp and the couple walked away.

The tramp lay down again, and after a few minutes went back to sleep. Just then, a woman, who was out walking her dog, shook the tramp’s shoulder until he woke up again. The woman said, “I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’m afraid I’ve lost my watch – do you happen to know the time?” The tramp was a little annoyed at being woken up again, but he politely told the woman that he didn’t have a watch and didn’t know the time.