49 Contoh Soal Application Letter dan Jawabannya

Sebelumnya kita sudah belajar contoh soal personal letter sekarang ini adalah contoh soal job application letter dan jawabannya. Materi personal letter biasanya diberikan untuk anak SMA dan MA sementara soal surat lamaran kerja umumnya diberikan kepada siswa dan siswi SMK. Perbedaan secara mencolok biasanya tampak pada alternative jawaban yang diberikan. Soal untuk SMA dan MA biasanya sampai 5 pilihan (a, b, c,d, e). Sedangkan contoh soal application letter smk hanya diberikan dengan 4 jawaban pilhan ganda (a, b, c, d). Perbedaan ini bisa kita lihat pada meodel soal bahasa Inggris untuk Ujian Nasional.

Disamping diberikan contoh soal pilihan ganda application letter dan jawabannya, agar lebih bisa menguasai berbagai macam type dan model pertanyaan dalam bahasa Inggirs, berikut juga diberikan beberapa contoh soal application letter essay beserta jawabannya. Sebenarnya antara soal pilihan ganda dan soal essay tidak banya bebeda secara muatan materi. Hampir semua soal bahasa Inggris hanya meliputi ide pokok, informasi rinci baik tersirat dan tersurat, makna kata, dan pertanyaan rujukan kata.

Beberapa pertanyaan dibawah ini sangat cocok dengan soal application letter smk. Hampir semua contoh soal pilihan ganda bahasa inggris tentang application letter haraus dipahami sebagai bentuk tulisan yang berusaha untuk meyakinkan pembacanya sehingga jenis tulisan ini masuk sebagai kategori analytical exposition text. Pertanyaan yang diberikan akan berkenaan juga dengan soal pilihan ganda job description. Memang tidak secara khusuus ini adalah soal application letter dan pembahasannya sebagai salah satu materi  application letter kelas 12. Sebelumnya para siswa harus memahami dulu apa itu contoh soal job vacancy sebagai awalan pemahaman tentang job documents. Biar tidak tambah bingung, berikut adalah contoh soal dan jawabannya yang benar dengan dicetak tebal.

Text 1
Dear sirs,
With reference to your advertisement in Today’s time, I would like to be considered for Marketing Senior Assistant post.
My present position in n an electronic marketing staff where I have special responsibility for home appliances. I also have experiences in other electroic goods, like cameras and smart phones. I have been working as a marketing specialist as soon as I completed my first degree in 2012. My tasks among other are building good relationship with distributors and customers, and providing inputs for the company about pricing policies, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction.
Hoping to hear from you soon, I enclose my curriculum vitae and rencent photograph.
Yours faithfully,
Harry Clarks

1. Why does the sender write the letter?
A. To apply for a certain position.
B. To provide inputs for the company.
C. To give information about his speciality.
D. To convince the readers about his experience.

2. What does the sender possibly do after sending the letter?
A. Wait for the response of the recipient.
B. Call the recipient for the confirmation.
C. Work as a marketing specialist.
D. Complete his firs degree

3. “…I enclose my curriculum vitae..”  The word “enclose” is in the closest meaning to…
A. Hedge.
B. Attach.
C. Confine.
D. Encircle

Text 2
Taylor, Inc.
694 Rockstar Lane
Durham, NC 27708

Dear Human Resources Director:
I just read an article in the New and Observer about Taylor’s new computer center  just north of Durham. I would like to apply for a position as an entry-level  programmer at the center.

I understand that Taylor produces both in-house and customer documentation. I am a fresh graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta with an  Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. In addition to having taken a broad  range of courses, I served as a computer consultant at the college’s computer  center where I helped train computer users on new systems.

I will be happy to meet you at your convenience and discuss how my education and experience match your needs. You can reach me at my home address, at  (9191) 233-1552, or at  rock@devry.alumni.edu.

Raymond Krick

4. Why did Mr. Krick write the letter?
a. To apply for a job.
b. To ask for some information.
c. To introduce himself to Taylor.
d. To explain his educational background.

5. How does Mr. Krick know the vacancy?
a. From the radio.
b. From a colleague.
c. From a newspaper.
d. From the television.

6. What will the Human Resources Director probably do after reading the letter?
a. Evaluate the salary offered.
b. Start working at Taylor, Inc.
c. Promote Mr. Krick to be a manager.
d. Ask Mr. Krick to come for an interview

7. What is the synonym of the word ‘fresh’?
a. Old
b. New
c. Urgent
d. Present

Text 3
225 New Station Road,
Agra – 7
March 2, 2007
To: The Manager,
Navajivan Trading Co.

Dear Sir, ,
In response to your advertisement in “The Times of India” of today that you are on the lookout for  enterprising and capable men who can take up market research for you, I respectfully offer myself as candidate for the post. I give below in brief my qualifications and experience in the line for your kind consideration.

I am a diploma holder in commercial courses from S.D. College of Commerce, Agra, and had taken marketing as my .special subject of study. I have worked as a field investigator with Messrs Kirpal Marketing and Trading Co., Agra for about two years on a salary of Rs. 1 800/-p.m. and had the privilege of winning laurels from my superiors in regard to my work as well as general conduct.

I am a young man of about 24 years and possess good health and personality. I have pleasing manners, hardworking disposition and keenness for outdoor jobs. I am unmarried and can be posted to any area of the country for market study. I can speak, beside Hindi, Punjabi, and English, some southern languages too. I can join immediately.

I shall highly appreciate if an opportunity is given to me to explain my experience to you in person during my interview. Would you kindly let me know the time and date when it will be convenient for you? Thanking you, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
B.K. Bhalla

8. What position does Bhalla apply for?
A. A candidate of a reporter in ‘The Times of India’.
B. A candidate of a market researcher.
C. A candidate of a field investigator.
D. A candidate of a university lecturer.

9. What will the company most probably do before inviting Bhalla to an interview?
A. To ask him to hold a press conference.
B. To admit him directly as a new employee.
C. To find information from his former employer.
D. To send back his application letter without notice.

10. “I give below in brief my qualifications …” (paragraph 1). The antonym of the  phrase “brief”  is …
A. long
B. short
C. concise
D. simple

Text 4
78 Jalan Balai Raya
East Jakarta
April 2, 2007

Ms. Dina Siregar.
Directory of Administration
Navaro Inc.
27 Jalan Edelweis.

Dear Ms. Siregar,
Your advertisement in March 30 issue of the ‘Republika’ was attractive because I believe I have the proven skills you are requiring for an administrative assistant.
I am Linda and I’m 22 years old. I recently completed a three course Apple Computer System. These  specialization skills have proven valuable in my work for the past eight months as an assistant to the chief accountant at Galaxy Building.
Since ‘proven skills’ are best explained in person I would appreciate an interview with you. Please phone me
in the afternoon between and 5 p.m. at (021) 4733756 to let me know the day and time most convenient for you.

11. What position is needed?
A. Receptionist.
B. Interviewer.
C. Chief accountant.
D. Administrative assistant.

12. What doe’s the applicant hope after sending the letter?
A. She will be a” manager.
B. She will start training.
C. She will receive the salary.
D. She will be interviewed.

13. “… proven skills” (line 5). The word ‘proven’ has a closest meaning to …
A. acknowledged
B. external
C. internal
D. outcome

Text 5
Dini Aminarto
Jalan Elang 89
Tangerang Selatan 19837

October, 30th 2018
PO BOX 1393
JKB 11013

To whom it may concern,
I’m applying for the Project Manager position advertised through Jakarta Post. As shown in the enclosed resume, I have a strong academic background in Chemical Engineer graduated from Universitas Indonesia on 2007.

My current work as Project Management in various multinational company has given me firsthand experience in the challenge associated with the development of a successful Petrochemical Company. In addition, I have excellent managerial and communication skills both in Bahasa Indonesia as well as English.

This background, combined with over ten years of Ethylene Plant Operation as Project Management, has given me a unique perspective that would be particularly valuable in meeting the responsibilities of this position, as described in your position. I am and independent individual who capable to work under pressure.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications in more detail and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dini Aminarto

14. Who wrote the application letter?
a. Project Manager
b. Jakarta Post
c. Dini Aminarto
d. Chemical Engineer

15. What is the job position that applicant applied for?
a. Project Manager
b. General Manager
c. Chemical Engineer
d. Academician

16. Where did the company advertise the job opening?
a. Kompas
b. Jakarta Globe
c. Tribun
d. Jakarta Post

17. What are the skills that applicant presented on the application letter?
a. Managerial and communication skills
b. Accounting and managerial skills
c. Public speaking and communication skills
d. Bahasa Indonesia and English

18. How many years the applicant was working as Project Management?
a. 2 years
b. 8 years
c. 15 years
d. 10 years

19. I am and independent individual who capable to work under pressure. The word “capable” has the same meaning to…
a. Irresponsible
b. Awkward
c. Competent
d. Professional

21. What the applicant has enclosed along with the application letter?
a. Resume
b. Biography
c. Photo
d. Certificate

22. Is there any information when the applicant graduated?
a. Yes, it’s on 2010.
b. Yes, it’s on 2007.
c. Yes, it’s on 2005.
d. No.

Text 6
Mr. William Chan
Personenel Manager
Wong and Lim Consulting
PO Box 583, Kwai Chung

Dear Mr. Chan,
I am writing to apply for the post of Management Trainee, which was advertised on the Student Affairs Office notice board of the Hongkong Polytechnic University on 1 March 2005.

My working experience at Lucky Star Garment Manufactory Limited improved my leadership skills, communication skills and ability to work in a team environment. I have fluent spoken and written English. I also have fluent spoken and written Mandarin, and can therefore work in mainland China.

Currently I am studying a B.A. in Management at the Hongkong Polytechnic University, graduating in 2005. Subjects which I am studying that are relevant to the post of Management Trainee include Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Marketing and strategic Management.

During my studies I have had the post of Executive in management Society. While leading and organizing Management Society. While leading and organizing Management Society activities I have improved my ability to lead and supervise subordinates effectively, ability to work under pressure and ability to work in a team environment.

Working for Wong and Lim Consulting appeals to me because it has a good reputation and it provides excellent training. Your organization produces a high-quality service, and I can contribute to this with my leadership skills and my ability to work under pressure. I am available for interview at any time. I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,
Wong Wai Man Wilfred
Excl : Resume

23. What is the job title?
A. Consultant
B. Operation management
C. Human resources management
D. Accounting
E. Management trainee >>>

24. What skills and personnel qualities are required?
A. Leadership skills, communication skills and ability to work in a team environment >>
B. Fluent spoken and written Mandarin
C. Have known about environment
D. Hard worker
E. Willing to work overtime

25. What is the name of the company or organization Wong Wai man Wilfred applying to?
A. Lucky Star Garment Manufactory Limited
B. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
C. Marketing and Strategic Management
D. Wong and Lim Consultant
E. Executive in the Management Society

26. Where does Mr. Chan live?
A. In the city of China
B. In the city of Hong Kong
C. In the city of England
D. In the city of Malaysia
E. In the city of Singapore

27. Who send the letter?
A. Mr. Chan
B. Mr. Wong
C. Mrs. Lim
D. Mr. Wong Wai Man Wilfred
E. Mr. Kwai Chung

28. What does Mr. Wilfred enclose the application letter?
A. Address
B. Job interview
C. Resume
D. Reputation
E. Skills

29. How does Mr. Wilfred know this ad?
A. From Wong and Lim Consulting
B. From Student Affairs Office notice board
C. From Lucky Star Garment Manufactory
D. From Hong Kong Polytechnic University
E. From Management Society

30. What subject of study have relevant to Management Trainee?, except …
A. Operations Management
B. Human Resources Management
C. Accounting
D. Marketing and Strategic Management
E. Management Society >>

Berikutnya diberikan contoh soal cloze test. Cloze test adalah bertujuan untuk menguji pemahaman bacaan atau teks atau reading seseorang sekaligus kosa kata Bahasa Inggris atau vocabulary yang dikuasainya. Tes ini biasanya berupa paragraf rumpang atau beberapa dari kalimatnya masih kosong atau titik-titik yang harus diisi.

contoh soal application letter dan jawabannya

Soal cloze test termasuk dalam bahan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris mulai dari tingkat SMP, SMA dan SMK. Karena itu, untuk mengisinya diperlukan penguasaan terhadap grammar Bahasa Inggris, contoh 16 tense English, cpntoh reading comprehension, gerund and infinitive, ciri-ciri pronoun rumus dan contoh, adjective clause, dan semua materi pelajaran yang telah diberikan. Berikut ini adalah contoh cloze test untuk UN SMK dengan tema job application.

Text 7
Amar Mundi
Jl. S Alauddin

February 15,2014
Ms Rosmayana
SMAN 123
Pettarani Office

Dear Ms Yana,
Thank you for posting your need for a teaching on Jobs.com. I am available to fill this opening and can (31) … working immediately after hiring.

I (32) … obtained my degree from Makassar State University. As a graduate in English Educatian, I have acquainted myself with a range of skills that would allow me to blend with your school.

From your advertisement, I can see that you are looking for candidates who have (33) … spoken and written English skills. I look forward to an opportunity to meet you and further discuss my qualification.
Very truly yours,
Amar Mundi

A. begin
B. pass
C. lose
D. stop

A. totally
B. recently
C. discussed
D. intensively

A. excellent
B. ordinary
C. common
D. normal

Setelah contoh soal pilihan ganda dan juga jenis cloze test seperti diatas dengan tema utama job application, sekarang kita berikan contoh soal application letter berbentuk essay. Soal essay dikenal sebagai soal subjective dimana jawaban lebih banyak ditentukan sejauh apa penjwab menguasai materi test yang diberikan. Berikut adalah contoh soal essay untuk surat lamaran kerja bahasa Inggris beserta jawabannya. Seperti diatas, jawabannya dicetak tebal.

Text 8
Lilis Handayani
Jl. A. Yani 389
Surabaya, 65151

April 19, 2015
Mr. Frank Peterson, Personnel Manager
Jeans and Co.
Jl. Raya Pandaan 186
Pandaan Pasuruan, Jawa Timur, 98502

Dear Mr. Peterson:
I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for a local branch manager newspaper appeared in the Jawa Pos on Sunday, June 15. As you can see from my enclosed resume, my experience and qualifications match this position’s requirements.

My current position, managing the local branch of a national shoe retailer, has provided the opportunity to work under a high-pressure, team environment, where it is essential to be able to work closely with my colleagues in order to meet sales deadlines. In addition to my responsibilities as manager, I also developed time management tools for staff using Access and Excel from Microsoft’s Office Suite.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to personally discuss why I am particularly suited for this position. Please call me after 4.00 p.m. to suggest a time we may meet. I can be reached via telephone number 031-858564 or by email at lilish@yahoo.com.
Lilis Handayani

1. To whom is the letter sent? The letter is sent to Mr. Frank Peterson
2. Who wrote the application letter? Lilis Handayani wrote the application letter
3. What is the purpose of writing the letter? The purpose of writing the letter is applying a job
4. What position is being advertised? The position which is being advertised is a local branch manager
5. How did Lilis Handayani know the vacancy? She knew the vacancy from a newspaper
6. What is Lilis’ current position? Lilis’s current position is managing local branch of shoe retailer.
7. What has her current position provided with? Her current position provided her with the opportunity to work under pressure and working with team environment.
8. What other responsibilities does she have at the moment? Her other responsibility is developing time management for staff
9. Do you think that Lilis is confident about her competence? How do you know? Yes, she is. From her current position, she is very confident to apply the job
10. Does Lilis indicate her willingness for an interview? Find the evidence from the text! Yes, she does. She said to call her after 4:00 pm to arrange the time to meet.

Text 9
January 23, 2014
George Sebastian
Prosperous Company
25 Saint John Court
Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr. Sebastian,
I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume and three references.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include: I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications. I strive for continued excellence, and I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers. With a BS degree in Computer Programming, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

Please see my resume for additional information on my experience. I can be reached anytime via email at john.donaldsonemailexample.com or my cell phone, 909-555-5555. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.
John Donaldson

11. Who is particularly suited for the position? John Donaldson is particularly suited to this position.
12. How can John Donaldson be reached? John Donaldson can also be reached by email.
13. Who writes the application letter? The application letter is written by John Donaldson.
14. Where is the vacancy being advertised? The position is advertised in the Times Union.
15. How many references are enclosed? Three references are enclosed in the application letter.
16. When was the application letter sent? The application letter was sent on January 23, 2014.

Sebaiknya memahami soal un sma application letter juga harus dibarengi dengan contoh soal job interview, paling tidak para siswa harus mampu memahami percakapan introduction. Semua media pembelajaran application letter seyogyanya dilengkapi dengan sebuah exercise job application letter. Mengenai soal job vacancy, umunya lebih mudah dari pada soal un sma application letter namun semua contoh soal bahasa inggris surat lamaran harusnya mengkaitkan antara 3 pembahasan utama job documents, yaitu job avacancy, job application, dan curriculum vitae. Tidak semua soal bahasa inggris kelas 12 kurikulum 2013 ini menjelaskan ketiga pembahasan utama diatas karena keterbatasan alokasi waktu yang hanya 2 jam pertemuan dalam seminggu. Hal ini berbeda sekali dengan kurikulum sebelumnya yang memberikan alokasi waktu lebih banyak.

Penguasaan soal un application letter memang sangat diperlukan. Hal ini tidak hanya untuk menjawab soal un bahasa inggris kelas 12 tetapi juga sebagai rujukan awal tentang tata cara membuat surat lamaran kerja yang mungkin dibutuhkan dikemudian hari. Untuk itu kiranya menjawab soal job application exercise, menguasai semua model contoh soal job vacancy, dan juga berlatih secara speaking contoh soal job interview sangat diperlukan agar mendapatkan kemampuan yang mumpuni untuk menjawab exercise job application letter. Dengan begitu menhadapi ujian bahasa Inggris akan terasa lebih ringan.

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