Example of Narrative Text with Generic Structure – The Ugly Duckling

Learning English text today is about narrative fable. Do you know what fable is? Yes, fable is simply story of animal. The fable is about the life of ugly duckling. This is another beautiful story of narrative text. The story is about an ugly duckling which fights for his right, to be accepted and loved. The moral value can be ” Never judge others by their appearances”. Let’s read this narrative story!

Example of Narrative Text Fable: The Ugly Duckling

narrative text moral lesson ugly duckling
Fable story of ugly duck with moral lesson and narrative generic structure

One upon time, a mother duck sat on her eggs. She felt tired of sitting on them. She just wished the eggs would break out. Several days later, she got her wish. The eggs cracked and some cute little ducklings appeared. “Peep, peep” the little ducklings cried. “Quack, quack” their mother greeted in return.However the largest egg had not cracked. The mother duck sat on it for several days. Finally, it cracked and a huge ugly duckling waddled out. The mother duck looked at him in surprise. He was so big and very gray. He didn’t look like the others at all. He was like a turkey.

When the mother duck brought the children to the pond for their first swimming lesson. The huge grey duckling splashed and paddled about just as nicely as the other ducklings did. “That is not a turkey chick. He is my very own son and quite handsome” the mother said proudly. However, the other animals didn’t agree. They hissed and made fun of him day by day. Even his own sisters and brothers were very unkind. “You are very ugly” they quacked. The little poor duckling was very unhappy. “I wish I looked like them” he thought to himself. One day, the ugly duckling run away and hid in the bushes. The sad duckling lived alone through the cold and snow winter.