How to Write Business Documents – Example of Procedure Text

Are going to work? Do you know how to write some business documents such as letter, offer, sales, bill and others? We are going talk more about the business documents but we are focusing how to make them.

Understanding a guide to make something is actually you have read an example of procedure text in English. This instructional documents show you how to make, do, get, and finish some thing completely. Because of that instructional command and orders, the guide will explained in imperative sentences . Now see the following guide!

How to Write Business Documents

procedure text about writing business documents
A guide to write business document s correctly as example of procedure text in English

Writing something for your business can be pretty intimidating. Well, you don’t have to. Here’s a simple checklist to follow. I’m not saying that following these rules will make your company the next Google, but it will help.

Firstly, take the topic of benefits, not features. Your customers don’t care about you. They want to know “What’s in it for me?”

Secondly, write your benefit like you talk it. Use regular words. Read aloud what you’ve written. How does it sound?

Thirdly, lose the weak words. Don’t describe how your company may, might or should help customers but talk about how your company will.

Fourthly, Use a nice rhythm. Some sentences are long and some are short. Mix them up and keep things interesting.

Fifthly,re-read what you’ve done before publishing. Edit it necessarily. It’s so easy to make mistakes which you don’t notice the first time through.