Generic Structure and Example of Business Letter

English Admin – Understanding a business letter. Letter is one functional text which students of high school should study besides advertisement, announcement, invitation, brochure, pamphlet, leaflet, memo, and other written texts for business or casual activity.

Today we are learning business letter. How a business letter is written? The easy way to make a business letter is writing through the generic structure. Below is the structure of business letter which commonly found in formal situation.
1. The Salutation: What is it? It is to address a person whose name you do not know. You can write Dear Sir or Madam
2. The Opening: It some phrases and short sentence to open your letter. You can use some below:
We are writing to inquire about…
We are writing in connection with…
We are interested in …and we would like to know…
We have received your letter of….
Thank you for your letter of….

3. The main message or body: This is the main content of your letter. When you are writing a business letter, the accuracy of the main content is absolutely very important. Your content should be neither too long nor too short.
4. The close: It is the way how you can end your business letter. Some phrases can be like:
I look forward to receiving your reply/order/products
Looking forward to hearing from you
I hope that this information will help
Please contact me/let me know if you need any further information
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

5. The complimentary close: In the end you should write the correct complimentary word, such as:
Your Faithfully : It is used when you begin your letter Dear Sirs – Dear Sir – Dear Madam
Your Sincerely : this Phrase is used when the letter begins with a name such as Dear Mrs Smith,  Dear Mr Jones
Yours Truly or Truly Yours: They are used in the USA for business and formal letters.  These phrase are not used  formal correspondence in the UK.

You  can find more about this common structure of business letter at Now let’ see some examples of business letter for various need. Here are the samples

Example of Business Letter 1
When you are on journey, you need to stay in certain hotel or other place. So you have to write your reservation for you own or your boss, or your customer. Below is the sample letter.
Example of business letter reservation asked

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