Best Quotes and Recent News to Learn Future Tenses

Although we will have holiday and have prepare some happy new year expression and card, learning English is going on. Now we are learning quotes and news to understand Future Tenses in English language. This future tense is often used to show some action such as planning, prediction, or willingness. In simple mode, all the actions are done in the future time.

The Future Tense and 4 Derivative Times
Like Past Tense and Present Tense, this Future Tense is also given with 4 attributive time actions. They are simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous. To make them clear, se the picture below!

learning quotes and news for future tenses

Future Tense and 4 derivative tenses

We know that these tenses are not used as many as the 2 previous tense. When you type your search with word combinations will have and verb3 or will have been and verb-ing, you will only see a few phrases using those patterns.

Learning Future Tenses through Some Best Quotes and Recent News Publication.
Have you noticed that some latest posts are relating quotes and news for learning English grammar? Yes, those posts, including what you are reading right now, are designed and written the source to help you learning English tenses through real and actual language usages.

1. Future Simple Tense
It is often called will. because, the modal auxiliary verb in this sentence is will.
(+) S + WILL + Verb1
Example: I will dance
(-) S+WILL+not+Verb1
Example: I will not dance
(?) will + S + Verb1
Example: Will she dance?

Some Quotes Written Using Simple Future Tense
No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. Andrew Carnegie
Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are. Jose Ortega y Gasset
Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,.. Steve Jobs
Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do. McKayla Maroney

2. Future Continuous Tense
Future Continuous has two different forms: “will be doing ” and “be going to be doing”. Future Continuous forms are usually interchangeable.
(+) S + will be + Verb-ing
Example: I will be going to mosque.
(-) S + will not  be + Verb-ing
Example: I won’t be going to church
(?) will + S + be + Verb-ing
Example: Will you going to mosque?

Some News Written Using Future Continuous Tense
Travellers will be going on microadventures in 2017 (
I will be working with organized labor, environmentalists, religious organizations,. (

3. Future Perfect Tense
This sentence is used when we talk about the past in the future.
(+) S + Will + have + Verb3
Example: I will have finished by 6 PM
(-) S + will + not + have + Verb3
Example: I will not have finished by 6 PM
(?)  Will + S + have + Verb3
Example: will you have finished Verb3

Some News Written with Future Perfect Tense
The ideal candidate will have worked in a high productivity, (
he will have promoted British trade and British exports, (
Whittle will have published 34 books by the time the book unit closes (

4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
We use the future perfect continuous tense to talk about a long action before some point in the future.
(+) S + Will + have + been + Verb-ing
Example: Andra will have been drawing the sketch
(-) S + will + not + have + been + Verb-ing
Example: Andra Won’t have been drawing the sketch
(?) Will + S + have + been + Verb-ing ?
Example: Will Andra have been drawing the sketch?

Some News Written with Future Perfect Continuous Tense
When you reach Ash Cave, you will have been walking for about five hours. (
The leadership’s annual retreat will not have been relaxing (
The hard sell will have been continuing early this morning. (

Well, have you understand what and how Future Tenses are structured and used? I think so. You can search many other examples from your favorite quotes and some news in paper, magazine, press release, or other reading sources.