Understanding Past Future Tenses in English Through News

This is the most complex tenses in English structure. From the name, Past Future, suggest that the tense varieties will be more complex. They are the result of combination from 2 or more simple tenses.

We have completely reviewed the 16 English tenses and this post is one of the series  reviewing  how many and how the tenses in English are structured. The links relate this study are below



You may noticed that most of the example given for each tense are quoted from news media. This is what I intended to see how the tenses in English are actually used in daily languages.

Past Future Tense and the 4 Varieties
From the first post, we showed you that the main time division, past, present, future, and past future, are give 4 different tenses. What are 4 different tenses labelled as Past Future? See the image below

Past Future in the news easy
Chart of Past Future Tense and the 4 Varieties

From the image above, we get 4 different long and complex named tenses in English and we are going to see one by one below

1. Past Future Simple Tense
this tense is used to express the events that WILL be done, BUT in the past, not the present.
(+) S + would + Verb1
Example: I would go
(-) S + Would + not + Verb1
Example: I wouldn’t go
(?) Would + S + Verb1?
Example: Would you go?