Narrative Text – Mouse Deer and Crocodile

Membaca cerita bahasa Inggris memang selalu menyenangkan, bukan? Melengkapi kumpulan cerita narrative text fable sebelumnya, kali ini menambah satu lagi cerita tentang binatang yang bisa dijadikan sebagai salah satu contoh narrative text.

Cerita tentang mouse deer and crocodile dalam bahasa Inggris ini adalah salah satu cerita rakyat yang cukup populer di indonesia dan kawasan asia. Cerita petualangan dan kepintaran, serta keusilan si kancil (mouse deer) yang lainya adalah story of mouse deer and tiger dan si kancil mencuri timun dalam bahasa Inggris yang sudah diberikan pada artikel sebelumnya. Narrative text tentang mause deer ini dianggap binatang yang cukup cerdik dan punya banyak akal makanya menjadikan salah satu cerita populer dan disukai banyak anak anak. Baiklah kita simak salah satu petualang mouse deer dibawah ini

Narrative text – the story of mouse deer and crocodile

Contoh narrative text story of mouse deer and crocodile
Cover buku cerita rakyat tentang si Kancil dan buaya

Once upon time there were a smart mouse deer. He lived near a river. The mouse deer used to go to the river to drink.
One day, the mouse deer was thirsty. He wanted to drink in the river but he knew that crocodiles were staying and waiting underwater to eat him. Hi thought hard and got bright idea. He said out loudly. “I will put in my leg and find out whether the water is warm or not” Of course the mouse deer did not do what he said. He did not put his leg but the mouse deer took a wood stick and put one end into the water. Blurrr…! Surely a crocodile grabbed the wood stick and pulled it underwater. Seeing that, the mouse deer laughed and said “Stupid crocodile! Can’t you see the difference between a wood stick and a leg?” Then the mouse deer ran to another side of the river and drink some water.
On the following day, the mouse deer was hungry. He wanted to eat some grass on the side of the river so he had to to cross the dangerous river which was full of crocodiles. Again he thought hard and found another smart idea and said loudly “Crocodiles come up!” then some crocodiles rose from the water. They looked happy and saw their sharp teeth and said “Hello, Mouse Deer. Do you come to be my lunch? We are hungry” The mouse deer just smiled and replied. “Sorry, Crocodiles, not today, I come to you to bring an invitation from the king. You are invited to the party. The king ordered me to count all crocodiles in this river so he knew how to prepare enough meal for you.”All the crocodiles felt happy and said “Really…? Tell us what to do,” said a crocodile. “You have to line up from this side of the river to the other side,” said the mouse deer. Not long after that the crocodile got all his friends and family. He ordered to lined up across the river.
The mouse deer then jumped on the Crocodile’s back. “One,” the mouse deer counted. He jumped onto the next crocodile, “Two.” And he jumped again on the next crocodile, “Three.” he kept jumping until he arrived on the other side of the river. “Just enough,” said the mouse deer. “I have counted all of you” He laughed and ran to the field of grass.