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12 Contoh Analytical Exposition Terbaik Bahasa Inggris

Learning English in a high school means learning kinds of English text. 12 contoh analytical exposition text bisa baca dalam blog ini. Analytical exposition is one of texts which presents arguments to support the writer’s opinion. Another text which has the same mode is hortatory exposition. Both present certain idea to be known by the reader. However in the end of the text, they differently emphasize the writer position. If you wan to know the basic theory of this text, please read what is analytical exposition in my previous post.

kumpulan contoh teks analytical exposition
This 12 examples of  analytical exposition text cover some different topics but all of them have the same generic structure. As we all know that an analytical exposition must have THESIS in the first essay. It is to introduce the issue brought to the readers by the writer. After that, the essay will include some ARGUMENTS to support the thesis which has been stated in the first paragraph. The essay will be closed by certain conclusion. This conclusion is call REITERATION. Now let’s see the post below which is labelled as analytical exposition:
8. About Jakarta Issue
Those are the 12 examples of analytical exposition text. Hopefully this list of analytical exposition make you easier to find the appropriate text. Contoh terbaik dalam artian yang ada di blog ini heheh. Let’s learn English text.

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