Rush Time in Journalist’s Diary: Example of Recount Text

Learning English texts in high schools should cover a text which retells a story. This can be a recount text. The text types are in 13 varieties. Today we are giving you one of them with a very simple sample.

Recount is very similar to narrative. Recount explores the series of events which happened to participant/s. These events are the main element in composing recount text. However it just focuses on the events themselves. It does not include the conflict inside.

The events will be told in chronological order based on time and place. If we get recount text with complete generic structure, it will be constructed by structuring orientation, events and re-orientation. The absence of complication/problem/conflict in the generic structure is actually differentiating from narrative. Arranging these series of event in beautiful and attractive way is the power of writer in composing recount text. Below is piece of passage which can be read as recount text.