Reading Flipping Book: Example of Spoof Text with Generic Structure

English Admin – We are now learning an example of spoof text. What is spoof text in English genres? The text consists an amusing story. Do you know why a spoof text is considered amusing? Yes, the existence of twist is what make the spoof text funny.

Now we are learning and trying to understand an English stories. Do you like reading  a funny story? Let’s see the following short sample of spoof text. If you enjoy reading the twisting story, you can read more in my previous post in examples of spoof text. Here is the story today

contoh spoof text lucu baca buku terbalik
Percaya diri itu harus tapi jangan lepas kontrol jadinya baca bukupun menjadi terbalik

Reading a Flipping Book
There was a student. He studied at a college. The student was was deeply in love with his girl classmate. Unfortunately he did not know know what to do to get the girl’s attention.