Kumpulan Contoh Narrative Text Cerita Cinta

English Admin – Stories of love can be considered as narrative texts. The story consists of some complications among the characters of the story. Reading a narrative text with the theme of love story can touch your heart deeply. Everyone must get experience of love. Happy and sad feeling involve together. The previous post is collection of narrative text in various topic. Now we come to love story.

Reading narrative text about love is very joyful. We just read it but we can feel what the characters go on with the experience. We feel that the characters or participants struggle for their love. Fighting to find their love is presented in very romantic way. That is why the love story of love can be labelled a narrative text since the story explore the conflict which the participants face.

example of narrative text love story
Some narrative text examples have the theme of love story. They can be happy ending or tragic bad ending, image at commons.wikimedia.org

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