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English Admin – Learning to Sepeak English. Mencari kumpulan atau koleksi contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris sekarang tidaklah sulit. Banyak media buku dan sumber Online sperti English Admin ini yang bisa diakses kapanpun untuk melihat contoh-contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris baik yang native maupun yang tidak.

Dalam pelajaran bahasa inggris di tingkat sekolah SMP dan SMA, materi dialog dan percakapan bahasa inggris (English Conversation) itu dibagi menjadi 2 yaitu trasactional dan interpersonal speaking. Apa pengertian dan contoh dari dua macam dialog atau percakapan bahasa inggris tersebut?

Mempelajari contoh dialog atau percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris seharusnya diawali dengan pemahaman apa itu dialaog transactional dan apa itu pengertian percakapan interpersoanal. Dalam kesempatan kali ini mari kita lihat sejanak definisi 2 macam percakapan bahasa Inggris diatas. Pengertian umum yang sering kita dapatkan dari sebuah trasactioanl dialog adalah:

A dialog that we need to do if we want to get something done. For example :  to get food, you need to speak to a food seller. If you do not do it, we will get hungry

Sederhananya dialog transactional adalah dialog yang musti dilakukan ketika kita membutuhkan sesuatu. Hal ini dilakukan agar agar bisa memenuhi kebutuhan tersebut. Kita ambil contoh dalam situasi lapar maka kita perlu melakukan percakapan atau dialog kepada penjual makanan. Dialog transactional ini dilakukan karena ada motif functional.

Sementara itu pengertian dari dialog interpersonal dalam pelajaran bahasa inggris bisa kita jumpai sebagi berikut:

A dialog that we simply do because there is somebody around us. We speak for the sake of speaking itself

Dengan bahasa yang lebih sederhana pengertian percakapan interpersonal adalah percakapan yang lebih dimaksudkan karena secara sosial ada orang disekitar kita. Dialog interpersoanl ini lebih bersifat basah-basih, lips services, omong-omong dan lainya. Dalam bentuknya contoh dialog interpersonal ini bisa seperti ngobrol, chatting, gosip, dll

kumpulan dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris

Berlatih percakapan bahasa Inggris seharusnya model face to face dialog, image: wikimedia.org

Nah setelah kita mengetahui pengertian dari dua macam dialog / percakapan dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris diatas sekarang kita lihat kumpulan contoh-contohnya:

Dialog English Conversation 2 Orang Tentang sebuah gadget baru
Matt and Clare are journalists writing for the technology section of a national newspaper. They are also good friends. Matt was born in Derbyshire. Matt enters the office:
Clare: Hi, Matt.
Matt: What’ve you got there?
Clare: It’s the prototype from Panasonic for their latest TV projector. I’m going to review it.
Matt: Open the box and let’s play with it. [Impatiently, as she struggles with the packaging] Hey! Get a move  on!
Clare: OK. I’ve done it. Look, it says on the packaging, “…the whole world in your pocket!”
Let me see that. [Reading:] “…boasts picture quality like nothing else on earth.” Hmm. [Reading:] “…this pocket device includes a 3.3 inch WVGA AMOLED display for ease of use…” The design is amazing. Let’s see whether it works. Where’s the thingummybob?
Clare: What?
The on button. Ah, here it is. [He switches it on. A weak image is projected onto the wall] Oh, but that’s absolutely pathetic. Is that the best it can do?
Clare: You know, I thought it was going to be fantastic. It won a major prize at the electronics fair.
Matt: Oh yes, I can see how fantastic it is! [He waves the gadget in her face]
Clare: Hey pack it in!
Make me! [He starts to follow her around the desk] Can I help you review any more gadgets today,  Miss Eliot?
Clare: I hate you, Matthew Peterson!

Percakapan English Conversation 3 orang tentang losing weight
Three teenage girls; Tracey, Mandy and Lena are at school watching a boring netball match and then they are getting conversation about one of the players:
Tracey: Have you seen that new girl? What’s her name?
Mandy: Susan Jacobs.
Tracey: Do you know who she reminds me of? What’s her name? Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain – “Fat Fighters”.
Mandy: Oh, I love that show! (Putting on a funny voice) I’m a lady!
Tracey: Look at her running. She’s such a whale.
Lena: Tracey!
Tracey: What?
Lena: You can’t say that!
Tracey: Why not?
Lena: You shouldn’t pick on her because of her size. She told me that she’s been fighting a losing battle with her weight recently.
Tracey: So what would you call her then?
Mandy: Lena would probably say that she’s horizontally-challenged.
Tracey: (Laughing) Ha ha! That’s a bit better than whale, ain’t it?
Mandy: Personally I think that Susan is fat-tastic!
Lena: I wouldn’t call her anything. Why don’t you two just be nice to her?
Tracey: OK, Lena. Forget it. OK? Listen, next week it’s my birthday, and I’m not saying I really want earrings but… Well, I’m not going to say any more. (She winks)

Percakapan bahasa inggris 3 orang Job interview
Colin Bradley is having a job interview at Moore’s Toothpaste Factory. He is being interviewed by
Richard and Henry – two senior employees. After twenty minutes, the interview is not going well:
Richard: [Bored] After driving a taxi for a year, you sold electric lighting. What happened there?
Colin: Well, I had to hand in my notice after eight months. [Pause] I was… I had to take a bit of time away from work for, er, for… personal reasons, you know?
Richard: Are you a friend of Jack, Mr. Bradley?
Colin: I don’t get what you mean?
Henry: Jack Daniels, Mr. Bradley. Richard means – were you drinking at work?
Colin: Oh no, no. Er, well maybe just a little bit. But, you see, I loved my job. Electric lighting was my whole life. [Sadly] I lived and breathed it.
Henry: What did you do after that?
Colin: I was unemployed for a while, until, er, I got a job delivering flowers, which went really well, until one day, when I got chased by an enormous sheepdog, which was, I swear, it was as big as a house! With enormous, great big teeth as sharp as broken glass – fangs is a better word to describe them – and two horrible big yellow eyes glowing like hot coals…
Richard: [To Henry:] This man is is too good. [Henry laughs]
Colin: I’m sorry? What was that? Look, I can’t stay much longer. Have I got the job, or not?
Richard: [As if speaking to a child:] Yes, Mr. Bradley. You’ve got the job. You’ll be a big asset to us!
Colin: [Overjoyed] Great! When can I start?
Henry: Mr. Bradley, er, let me explain. How can I put this? No, I’ll just say it. You are by far the worst candidate we’ve seen. So, for that reason, I’m afraid we’ll have to turn down your application.
Richard: To put it bluntly, Mr. Bradley, please do one!
Colin: [Angrily] Well! Don’t worry – I’m leaving! Can I have my CV back? No? OK. Thanks. Bye.

Bagi yang masih butuh contoh dialogdan percakapan bahasa Inggris, English conversation, berikutnya ada banyak lagi dibawah. Short conversation tentang berbagai topik: making compliment, asking and giving opinion, regretting, curiosity, congratulation, making and accepting appointment, agreement and disagreement, annoyance and anger,  asking and giving direction, asking and giving advice and suggestion, introducing self and other, showing stance, convincing others,  asking and answering about time, dan lainnya. Sekarang kita baca dan pahami contoh percakapan berikut ini:

Contoh-contoh dialog dan percakapan bahasa inggris (English conversation) diatas akan lebih baik lagi kalau sebelumnya kita juga sudah mempelajari ungkapan yang sering dipakai (common expressions) pada masing-masing situasi tersebut diatas. Semoga menambah semangat berlatih berbicara bahasa Inggris.

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